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Philippians 4:11

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Bait and Switch and the Supposta Tribe

Remember the concept of “Bait and Switch”? You know, when a store advertises something and then switches it for something entirely different and more expensive?

It seems that I am embarking on a version of “Bait and Switch”. I am not inhabiting the same persona.


I am recoiling from a first strike capability on my TO DO list. I have assented to a non-proliferation treaty on my ability to forge ahead. I am recoiling from a first strike capability to multi-task I am in shock looking for awe. I have stockpiled my weapons of mass exclamation points and finite periods.

In short, I am in a comma, the space after an open parentheses.  I am paused. I am allowing myself to be where I am. Not be in the next place or be in the past, but just be here and now. Right now.

I am not rushing to the next action/reaction/place/phase/project/to do list item/location/task.

Just here. Just time. Just me.

And it is starting to tick some people off.
No, really. No. REALLY.
I would say that it is pissing people off but I really do not like that word.

I am feeling pressure from the “Supposta tribe.

I am Supposta to do things to stay in this tribe.  I am Supposta:
1. be here at this time
2. wear this suit
3. say these things, cover these points, and then
4. stop saying these things, at this time
5. quit being “pathetic” 
6. f ight back
7. call a lawyer
8. put my foot down
                                    I do try that. I take off my pumps, put my foots-both of them-down and Ruby bounces over and 
                                    licks  my toes. Well, I guess it does work. But it is messy and does not feel good when the pumps are

But the tribe will not be silenced. I am Supposta:
  9. take some time off
10. ‘get back to the old helen’  
11. get something called emotional distance.

                                   I have to Google that one.

12. take care of myself.
Um, would you please let me take care of you instead?  That I can do. This other thing you want me to do—the take care of me idea—is pretty difficult and squishy with uncertainty.
But sure, I will think about it. Ooops, got another call.

Then it arrives: another option, another approach.

And then the impression warms me. I feel it before I am conscious of it:

  1. Be still and know that I am God*
  2. I will fight for you, you need only to be still**
  3. tread lightly, hear your breathing, reach out to just one person today, 
    watch Big Bang Theory reruns***

These seem better for me. For awhile. For today.

Verse References:
*Psalm 46:10
**Exodus 14:14
***Jeremiah 29:5 (admittedly updated and paraphrased)



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Happiness Will Sleep


created by helen



Happiness will sleep
in the still places:
in cups of tea, picture frames
and the smell of hope
that wraps around walls.
~Miranda Claudius

Little Wonders by Rob Thomas

“Let Your Clarity Define You
Twists and turns of fate…Time falls away

It’s the heart that really matters in the end”

I Have Been Waiting

heart collage

Heart Collage of Favorites

I Have Been Waiting

I have recreated my world toward waiting

…………..books to read while I waited
…………..movies to watch while I waited
…………..hobbies and projects to pursue while I waited

But if I could whisper it to you so as not to awaken my ego…
there is little need to wait any longer now,

I am Here
I have Arrived
And I am worth the wait


in case you are in need of an apology

originally seen on Beth’s Own Blog

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