No guarantees against “the bad”

I needed this reminder: “There was a time that I thought that the closer Jesus and I would grow in our relationship the less chance that something “bad” would happen to me and those I love. Like my life is played out on a roulette table and the more I “played the game” the better percentage I would have to win. No, the closer I walk with Jesus the closer I walk with Jesus. We may walk through mine fields, rocky ground, and beautiful fields. When I walk with Jesus down all the different paths, I have Him to supply all that I need to go through with courage, wisdom, whatever I need. Difficult times are the greatest teaching times. They refine me.”

I needed this reminder. When I begin to think in “quid pro quo” terms with God, when I descent into in the “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine,” mentality, I am walking with wobbly legs on a slippery slope to trouble. Best to keep focused and hang on tightly, press in tightly to the God, not of the vending machine, but of eternal life.

Read Jody’s entire blog post:

One Response

  1. Very nice message!

    It reminds me not just to find the gift in all situations… rather; to ask myself: “Where is the GOOD/GOD in this?”

    It is my belief that wherever the good is; that’s where God IS…which sometimes requires me to look far… BEYOND appearances.

    It’s all good and all God. :-) Woo Hoo! ♥
    From Jacqui via Facebook :)

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