Holy Smoly~ I LOVE THIS!

From  Mary Anne Radmacher
While many are inclined to consider kindness something one DOES, I am increasingly convinced that absence of actions and words play into kindness more than I ever used to give them credit. Much of my kindness occurs in the realm of what I choose NOT to say, and actions that I opt to pass on. Even holding back that immediate, “You’ve got to be kidding,” when I stand in disbelief at some shocking action, is an act of kindness.

 Kindness wears many different faces. And not all of them are colored with the first crayons you’d be inclined to pull out of the box. Sometimes kindness says, “No,” more readily than “yes.” Occasionally kindness says, “Enough, now,” instead of “Here, have more.”

The more I invite myself to be kind – as best as I’m able – the more I’m surprised by all the different outfits kindness wears. The great thing is this – all the variety of costumes that kindness dresses in – fit me perfectly. 


Read the entire blog post@ Kind Over Matter: http://www.kindovermatter.com/2011/02/be-kind-as-best-you-can-with-mary-anne.html

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