The Most Insensitive Thing

Saw this picture and felt an immediate reaction

most insensitive thing

And I thought about it.


Then, I tried to stop thinking about it.
Tried to avoid thinking about it because something was festering.

Tried to distract myself from thinking about it (an old ploy)

And then I realized…

it has already happened
Just recently.
The most insensitive thing that I could think of has
already happened.

So this is what this feels like.

So, what now? What is the lesson, as Dad would asked.

And so…Flipping This over a little…

I have heard HAPPINESS defined as wanting what you already have.

I have always liked the way Katherine Hepburn described it:

Maybe being on this side of what I think is the most insensitive thing is part of the complete happiness definition. The complete happiness tableau, if you will excuse my preoccupation with all expressions borrowed from A&E right now.

Maybe wanting what you already have and surviving the most insensitive thing is a type of happiness. Maybe it is what my friend Ron reminds me from 2 Corinthians 12:9:
2 Cor 12:9

Maybe it is Acceptance.
And maybe it is peace.
In any case, it is not because I am strong.
Or brave. Or tough like Sidney Bristow in “Alias”.
sidney bristow in Alias

FAR, far from it.

It is Because His love is made perfect in my weakness and Because of prayers of faithful friends and Because of surrendering to a power greater than me.

And Because of Grace

What about you? Have you already survived the most insensitive thing?
And was His grace there?

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