Saturday Digest-March 19…Because of Grace

I shall rest while amidst the busyness… and …cut the strings of rush and dash. To read the rest of this poem, 
gently click here   

 Stop waiting for your big chance to arrive. To read the rest of this post, gently click here  

Such a gifted writer, Jen Lee,  writes as if she can see into my life. She writes about finding “gifts in surprising places and help from unexpected sources, to hibernate, to create, to say a hundred words and behold a hundred silences”  and this gem “To feel grace falling on my cheeks like that pretty kind of snow”
To read more, gently click here 

Beautiful necklaces with essential reminders:

My “unanswered questions cause me to seek God more”…To read the rest of this poem, gently click here 

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for a wonderful collection of links, Helen. I was especially moved by Jen’s post and Liz makes wonderful jewelry, thanks for sending me to her site (she writes a sweet blog, too.)Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks, Garrett! Great to “See” you here! I appreciate your kind comments!

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