Be Gentle Be Love Invitation


ruby and iris

Ruby and Iris last spring, 2010

Lately, I find myself gazing at the iris reeds, waiting for them to blossom and wanting to blossom right along with them. It has been a season of winter decay for awhile now.
I reason, if time, our clocks, and the iris get to spring forward, I would like to as well. In this spirit, the spirit of “vintage dog learns new tricks,” I am taking my first ever e-course on art and ideas and expression. I am pretty sure that I will be the oldest learner; but I am ready to blossom just as the iris.

be gentle be love

Perhaps you also are ready to blossom too. If so, please join me~~~the course is called “Be Gentle, Be Love: 30 Days to Cultivating Your Virtues with Creativity” ~~~isn’t that an inviting title? There is also this wish from the course facilitator, Amanda: Learn the craft of knowing how to open your heart & to turn on your creativity. There’s a light inside of you.

Daily ecourse resources will include:
  • one virtue to concentrate on focus virtues
  • one of Amanda’s original photographs
  • an inspirational quote
  • a little about the virtue
  • exercises to help you muse on & strengthen the virtue
  • 5-10 art, photography & writing prompts that are bound to ignite your creativity, which in turn, will gear you toward being more prolific in your craft – be it art, photography or your blog content
  • bonus links to outside sources that you can read, watch, download or craft
What I love is that it is gently structured, but go-at-your-own-pace. There is also a private Facebook and group. And something also about “tweeting”
To investigate further, visit the Kind Over Matter blog or use the direct link to the course here:

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