Day 1~ Joy~Serenity Triggers: the Dance of Smiles

things that bring me joy

created by me :)

Just so happens that yesterday was the day for my speech-ette to our local Women’s Club. My topic was “Laughter is the Best Vitamin.” Because of Grace, yesterday was also the day that my teacher, Amanda from the “Be Gentle, Be Love” ecourse at KindOverMatter suggested that we pay attention to smiling. (I agreed since one look at my budget could testify that “attention” was about the only thing I could pay.) Ba-dum-dum.

The reason “Laughter is the Best Vitamin” instead of the best “medicine” is that Vitamins Enrich. Vitamins Strengthen. Vitamins help us Prevail. So does laughter and laughter’s warm-up act: the smile. :) Babies smile and laugh long before they speak. It ALL begins with a smile. :)

bree Here is Bree. Bree is the granddaughter of my friend, Sissy. Please
use your keen interpersonal skills and your powers of intuition and
guess Bree’s mood. {gentle poke in your ribs}

Amanda writes, “The sincerest of smiles is a smile that swims up into your eyes because it is involuntary. Think of the smiling eyes of a child, the way they look up at you, their eyes like two yellow suns in the morning.”

We respond immediately and rampantly to the smiles of a baby, any baby. We see, and more infectiously, feel, a baby’s smile. We mirror the smile back to the receiving baby.

And the dance of smiles triggers joy and serenity.

Sometimes joy is not permenant. It can be a struggle to maintain.
Returning to Paul Coelho’s words, “Joy is sometimes a blessing, but often it is a conquest.”

What do you see in the eyes of a smiling child? Can you see yourself mirrored there?


Read more about Joy from another wise woman named Amanda at Persistent Green


2 Responses

  1. Helen, what a sweet surprise to find that link! Thank you so much for sharing it. Your whole post makes ME want to smile…and that’s the best kind of contagion, isn’t it?

    We just spent the evening with “couple friends” who have two little ones…I just basked in their giggles and smiles. Their natural joy really is healing.

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