Day 3 Independence Freak Flag

Still learning and loving my e-class called “Be Gentle Be Love” we were prompted to create a flag to illustrate our independence. Amanda called this our “Freak Flag”. I have many chances to see flags when I walk each day at a local college where around the perimeter flags fly representing the state or country of the students enrolled. In a freaky nod to a “one world” philosophy, “Nepal” is next to “Nevada” and “Kansas” flies next to “Korea”. The assortment keeps me on my toes to notice that each flag’s unique, special, or historic to the territory.
My Freak Flag

My Freak Flag

Here is my Freak Flag. It is “flying” in my kitchen, the place where I spend a ton of time.My flag has a napkin with pink stripes  because it is happy and lots of flags have stripes. Using party napkins relates to my idea that many things are more productive with food and fun around.  The primary symbol is a huge tree. I love the comfort and strength of trees and there is a sugar maple in my backyard. The branches of the tree extend outward and contain nine Bible verses that helped me grow and sustain me. Amanda wrote about helping patients to gain their independence. “We wanted them to value their independence & not fall into the venomous mindset that they were a victim of circumstance,” she recalled and these verses have done this for me too.

The closest verses represent those I learned in childhood, extending outward to the edges, where I am today and the verses I use as mantras and serenity triggers. At the trunk of the tree are Irish clovers for my heritage and tennis balls, my favorite sport to play. There is a spot for my motto and many flags have mottos emblazoned on them. But this is still blank on my flag because I am still in transition.

Lots of possibilities for a motto for my flag. Any suggestions?

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  1. Kinda interesting that three days after this 4/1/11 post, on 4/4/1818 that Congress decided the U.S. flag would consist of 13 red and white stripes and 20 stars, with a new star to be added for every new state. Thanks again, Amanda, for my renewed flag focus!

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