Saturday Digest-April 2-Because of Grace

Read it and Cheer~Wanting to influence others, to be heard, to make an impact is not being controlling. “Letting go” isn’t leaving your own side and settling for something that makes you feel bad.
Tara Sophia Mohr, to read the complete post, please gently click here

stensilFavorite Fun Way to Say Hello to Spring: Stensil with Sharpie

Fun Friday: I was the recipient of the Inner Bliss blog’s Shine Your Light Giveaway! Thank you Alia!

24/7: God promised that before I can call for Him, He will answer–To read this devotional from Jody Neufeld, please gently click here  

“Color plays such an important role in nutrition.” Tattfoo Tan, a Malaysian-born artist. Read about the innovative art exhibit emphasizing good nutrition, please artistically click here

The Gift of Resilience–Nana korobi ya oki” Fall down seven times, get up eight: The power of Japanese resilience

Passionate people let the weird out and the weird becomes a magnet for other passionate people.  To smile big while reading the rest of this whimsical post, gently click here 
                                                                                                             chocolate chip oreos
Please get your cookie sheet and gently click here 
It’s Just Time-Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies


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