30 Day Facebook/LoveBook Challenge

Tomorrow, June 1, I will begin The 30 Day Facebook/LoveBook Challenge. I originally heard about this from Amanda @ kind over matter. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be taking the challenge to update my Facebook status with a positive comment about somebody I know. They’ll be tagged in the comment so they can receive the encouragement. Others in our Friendsphere can  agree with a  “Like” and/or a comment. One click at the encouragement multiplies. This is a great idea from Scott Stirling. Click on this link if you want to join the challenge too!

Not on Facebook? No worries! You can write little notes of encouragement to others and leave them anonymously, send an email individually or to an email group, or you can leave your encouraging comments in the comment section below and then send the link to your friend! The important thing is to achieve 30 days of encouragement!

Leave a comment if you are in!

30 Days of Encouragement

It is there, if you look…

A Word From My Sponsor~ May 29

Psalm 91:4

Saturday Digest~May 28, 2011

“Yes, you are good enough. You matter more than you have ever allowed yourself to know. There is someone out there right now thinking of you and loving you. You are worthy of so much love, because you are love. You are a gift. A precious gift. Your existence is a miracle. You are a miracle!”

I love the loving permission in this post: Embrace Your Vulnerabilities

Remember you don’t have to figure it all out but you can create with intention

Just Listen. Yes. Just Listen.  And quietly click here to read this 

We just returned from a great trip to New York. This timely post from Zagat perked my attention: 8 Things You Can Do to
Make Your Server Hate You

Friday Fun~ My Superhero Self-Portrait

if i was a superhero

If I was a Superhero…

Day 16~Playfulness~ Be Gentle Be Love

I am on vacation. This is my first time off since December. I saved Day 16-Playfulness~for these vacation days in Manhattan. Yup. I scheduled my playfulness. I made a playdate with myself.

And once I thought of all the things
I needed to do,
And should do
And should see
And should hurry to find


I remembered Amanda’s gently coaching in Be Gentle, Be Love~

 “Don’t ever let yourself keep yourself from having a good time.”

So I stopped. I stopped hurrying. I retreated and sat down in front of the New York Public Library. I settled down. I quieted down. I noticed my fingers continued to lightly tap a type of manic Morse code on my vacay ToDo list. I concentrated on redirecting my fingers off of the To Do list. The wind relocated the list and then I noticed the reflection right in front of me on the little round table.


"Playfulness" Photo by Helen Teague

….A reflection of trees growing upside down, trunks up and an office building standing on its head. But the sky was in the same place. And it occurred to me that my playdate is not the wild adventure of child’s play but the intentioned embrace of Playfulness.

An echo of sincere times floats to me along with the tiny tree blossoms. I enter the library, retrieve the book and read it just as I did decades before~~~

…and Pooh, sitting wakeful a little longer on his chair by our pillow, thinks Grand Thoughts to himself about Nothing, until he, too, closes his eyes and nods his head, and follows us on tip-toe into the Forest.   The House at Pooh Corner

Playfulness Too

"Playfulness Too & Pooh" by Helen Teague

 They let me buy the book. The tiny petals in my hair also remain.

Stages of Healing

It starts out as a caterpillar; the only “cute” creepy crawly insect I know. Next stop, cocoon, and finally the caterpillar fulfills her destiny as a butterfly. We humans transform too. And one way we track our progress is by the way we work.

Using nature as our guide, let’s look at three stages in professional development. helen’s note: or healing:

1. Caterpillar – Lay low, slowly and deliberately explore the landscape around you. helen’s note: i.e. wander, current focus word
2. Cocoon – Keep still, hang out embrace the peace of waiting for change to happen. helen’s note: be still and know…
3. Butterfly – Take flight, land softly, you are appreciated by those around you. helen’s note: sometimes you are appreciated by those around, but always you appreciate yourself.

It’s clear there is an order to pursuing our life’s work. There’s holiness to be found in a job promotion, just as there is humility to be gained in unemployment.

Recognizing every stage of the path to professional transformation is… transformational! You will surely become who you are meant to be. Celebrate your inner butterfly yearning to be free.

By Susan Diamond

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