Saturday Digest~May 7, 2011

What if you woke up one morning, and you had nothing? A poignant gratitude list from We Love Gratitude

This great series called “Flowers  on a Saturday

When everything becomes TOO MUCH   I am nodding my head and feeling relieved all at the same time.

I started reading about Jesus long before I entered into a real relationship with Him. I wanted my heart to understand what my head knew. To read the rest of this thoughtful post, please gently click here

God has many names, each representing a benefit of what God promises to do you in your life. For instance, Jehovah Jireh means “God will provide everything I need.” Jehovah Shalom means “God will be my peace.” And Jehovah Tsidkenumeans “God will be my righteousness.” Over and over in scripture, every name for God represents a basic problem, threat, or emotional illness you have in your life that God can take care of. He is omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipotent (all-powerful) and is “worthy to receive all glory and honor”(Revelation 4:11 NIV). To read the rest of this post by Rick Warren gently click here

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and my “New York cup” images. If you are interested, I have gone back to the post and included a link to some of my NY photos on Facebook. Even non-Facebook people can see them.

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