Day 12 ~ Serenity Be Gentle Be Love

Meditations on Serenity:

Serenity does not distill down to absence of conflict. Attaining serenity often involves observing conflict by choosing not to participate. I settle for too little if I limit the power of serenity to bland beige nothingness and I perpetuate a misconception that serenity is a passive om. Serenity is an active pursuit of Whitman’s barbaric yawp, not sounded to the roofs of the world, but to the roof of our soul, which has no ceiling. It embraces a deep, lapis blue reservoir to be sought and gained, then,  guarded and encouraged. If serenity had a soundtrack, it might begin at home with “Mazzy+Star–Into+Dust” and continue with “walking+on+the+moon+sting+acustico

Last Friday, I shattered my serenity with a fear hammer. I forgot my serene sanity for awhile during my Friday Fear Freakout.  Such a waste of time, energy, words, and tears. I struggled to grab back and regain.

I needed to give myself permission to travel back to serenity.
Here is my Serenity Permission Slip, gently suggested by Amanda in Be Gentle, Be Love

serenity permission slip

P.S. (and what I was in a frenzy about never happened!)


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