Day 20~Truthfulness~ Be Gentle, Be Love

Day 20 in the Be Gentle, Be Love  class, considered the attribute of Truthfulness, specifically the truth of who we are. To represent both the qualities we show to others and the self we are in private, we were to take a photo of our face or any part of our body, or draw a simple self-portrait, or pick a shape or object that represents us. In thinking about the self we show to other and the self we are in private, we were to fuse all of these attributes into one image.

“Be proud of who you are!” Amanda encouraged. (Have I ever mentioned how very, very difficult that is for me?)

So I chose to construct a digital collage using in the pattern of my first initial. See if you can find the words: hopeful, loving, lover, happy, loyal, trusting, listener, sensitive, soulful, reader, wanderer, risk-taking, talker, giggler, needy, organizer, open and redeemed.

letter h collage

Some notes:

“Soulful” is in the shoe picture…because I just love the pun
“Needy” outlines the picture with the words, “you are loved” because, much as I project myself to be self-confident, inside, I am not.
“Redeemed” is not something I am; it is something that has been done for me.
The “risk-taking” I have done is with my heart. I think it might have been less painful to risk money.
“Trusting” holds the center spot in the collage under the bowl of hearts because most of the problems/challenges/pain in my life are the result of being too trusting in relationships.
“Open” was added at the bottom under the paper heart because as much pain as there has been in the last 12 months, I want my heart to stay open to all abundant possibilities and blessings.

I wonder: What words would you use? Are there different words for you for your public and private selves?

3 Responses

  1. It is so hard to stay open after we get hurt, but it is so important, too. I know I only know you in cyberspace, but I think that something these relationships without physical bodies actually let us show more of true selves. Anyway, all of that is to say I think you’re pretty wonderful. You write beautiful, thoughtful, heartfelt posts. You have deep love for your daughter & for the beauty of the world around you. Your faith is strong and your heart will heal, even after all you’ve been through. Your truth, Helen, is that you are a wonderful woman, surrounded by light. (I hope you can see it too.)

    • Raven~you know how tears frame eyes that have just received something so totally unexpected? that is what you would see if we could reach outside of cyberspace. God works in just-in-time ways and today He worked through you!
      Thank you very much! I remain learning from you and reflecting what you teach me.

  2. Wow this touched me. Thank you for sharing this with us. There are words that I would use to describe myself in public, words that are very powerful and nice. I’ve learned that those words to describe the inner me as well. It’s hard to accept since I’ve pretty much been put down my entire life, but it’s a process I’m willing to endure. I love reading your posts. You have such… grace :] and love that I can feel even though we cannot physically see one another. You are powerful. <3

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