Images of Gentleness

“Day” 21 of the Be Gentle, Be Love  class centering on Gentleness will really be a week-long emphasis.

Yes, I need this focus immensely. Images cement the concept for me.

Gentleness poises over the cliff of retaliation and soars upward on gratitude’s wings


Abruptness, loudness, excessive force, impatience, and carelessness can hurt those around us and damage things. Gentleness is power under control. *

gal 5 22

If gentleness were a color, then it would be green. Yellow is too bright; red too angry, blue too serene, but green deepens as it strengthens. So does gentleness as it partners with firmness.

gentleness quote

Being gentle sounds simple,but so hard to do, especially when confronted with abrasiveness (especially with my temperament)

To Read Today: The Strength of Gentleness
Tomorrow’s Post: Pausing in Gentleness

*Quoted from Tom Holladay

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