Gentleness: First Do This

Maybe a good place for gentleness to begin is with being gentleness to myself.
Pausing for Gentleness is more difficult to do for others if I am not gentle with myself.

We can only give what we have.

When I received this drawing from Kristen Noelle’s blog, it became the center of my Gentleness ToDo list.

Gentleness is: “Starting to criticize yourself and giving yourself a hug instead.”

Not once or twice, but always. We can only give what we have. And often we/me has one heckofa inner critic to silence.

Geneen Roth writes so well about “The Voice” as she calls it in Women, Food & God

The biggest obstacle to any kind of transformation is the voice that tells you it is impossible. Geneen Roth

Perhaps it is time to “speak the truth in love” to ourselves. Then, perhaps, we will give  to others out of our abundance.

“Spend as much time caring for the inner you as you spend on the outer you,” says John Ortberg, When the Game is Over It All Goes Back in the Box 

And, for those, like me, who love a concrete center for an abstract idea: How, specifically, can I take care of my inner self?  How is this done?

1. Acronyms help. Perhaps remembering an acronym such as GDMJ that I saw on a button on my mom’s bulletin board (God Doesn’t Make Junk).
2. Or, read/memorize verses of value .
3. Or praying these same verses with my(your) name inserted (“Helen” has been adopted as God’s child -Eph 1:5…”Helen” has been bought with a price-1 Cor. 6:19-20)
4. Spend 5-10-up to 15 minutes a day pausing/breathing/noticing/
5. Write/type/draw/express items of gratitude. My favorite website for this is We Love Gratitude

I would love to add your ideas, too…

To Practice Today: Be Gentle to yourself. Be Gentle with yourself. Pause before you (self) criticize. Please let me know what you encounter when you do this.

To Visit Today: Please comment with your email (which will not be published),  if you would like an excerpt from the powerful chapter on our inner critic from Geneen Roth.

Day 21 Be Gentle Be Love

Tomorrow: Gentleness Despite Hurt

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