Wholehearted Living~Mercedes Warrick~July 7

For awhile, Thursdays will provide a  Because of Grace Wholehearted Living Story.

Today, she was Not Supposed to Make It, But Mercedes Warrick is living proof of the wholehearted life!

Things are not quite going according to plan for a lot of people. I am sure you know someone who is using their retirement in order to bridge the gap between unemployment and their next job. I am sure you know someone whose biggest investment, their home, has been lost as values have floundered to the bottom up position.

By just about every statistical measure, I am not supposed to make it. I am not quite certain what that means. I am a black woman, mature, divorced and about six years ago I experienced a home invasion.

We are in a time of major adjustment.

I believe profoundly neither me nor we will become that which may be numerically expected. Why? We believe in Higher Source. I have spiritual first aid. I would like to share some of my favorite items:

1. Do an inner peace ritual that connects you to the Divine.
2. Love, transforms ALL! Get some, be some, give some!
3. Write, sing, dance, create!

And remember: When people tell you that you “must trust in God,” do the best you can. Surviving is a moment between living and flourishing. Rejoice! In all experiences there is God.

By Mercedes Warrick
Mercedes Warrick is The Intuitive CEO® at The Achievement Sanctuary® and author of The Soul Inspired Tune Up®. Her website is www.TheAchievementSanctuary.com or www.facebook.com/thesoulinspiredtuneup.


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