Focus Word: Chosen

Chosen“You are part of a royal priesthood,” her words came out deliberately, yet tentatively as from someone addressing another who is not completely known.

In February, after a particularly abrupt truth was revealed to me, I went to the Prayer Team and asked for prayers. Prayers for discernment, for strength, for rest, for escape.

And she told me, I was royal. From a royal priesthood.
Others did not think so and their actions clawed at me, dragging me to the swamp of blame and rejection.

But, Because of Grace, God is bigger than my misperceptions of myself. God is eternal. The opinions of others are not.
Five months later, I am strong enough to claim this truth that the prayer warrior expressed about me. She held the expression until I could catch up.

Maybe, now, I could hold this expression for you?

But in the present and the future, we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that [we] may declare the praises of him who called [us] out of darkness into his wonderful light (1 Peter 2:9 NIV).

“We may still make mistakes of impulse and instinct,” Jon Walker writes,  “falling back into sinful thoughts and actions — what Corrie Ten Boom refers to as echoes of the past.”

Because of Grace, the Holy Spirit teaches, then gently reminds us, that we are chosen. Chosen.

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  1. Thank you! Your blog feeds my soul!

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