Happy Birthday to My Blog

Because of Grace, this blog is one  year-old today. I began the layout and design on July 12, which is also my dad’s birthday.  (I wanted my dad to be part of the blog somehow.) My first post appeared on July 13, because that day held a significance that needed redeeming.

My sentiment at that time is the same today:

You see, I am becoming aware of many things right now.
Maybe you are too.
Maybe we can learn together here.

Here are the Top 10 posts during the last year:

Day 15~Compassion~Be Gentle Be Love    
Day 4~~Create Your Symbol of Strength    
Day 1~ Joy~Serenity Triggers: the Dance of Smiles    
Day 10~~Spying on Spontaneity~Be Gentle Be Love    
Happiness Will Sleep    
Day 7 Beauty~~Be Gentle Be Love~~    
Day 5 Kindness: Be Gentle Be Love    
Day 13~ Mindfulness~ Be Gentle Be Love    
30 Day Facebook/LoveBook Challenge    
No Fear

(#10 and #11 were tied with the exact number of visits).

If you visited my blog in the past year, thank you.
If you visited and liked something, even better.
If you visited and left a comment, know that your encouragement caressed me to this moment.

Because of Grace!


2 Responses

  1. yay! Happy anniversary! I wish you much success through all your endeavors Helen. Also I want to point out that our dads have the same birthday! How awesome is that :]

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