Let Go of Expectations

I have heard the verse and admonition to die to self for many, many many years. but I did not know exactly what it meant. I knew the absolute literal application would not work but I needed a word concept to help me understand.

Then I read a blog post and the writer said that the best course of action is to let go of the expectations about life.

As I crest into another decade wondering “how” my life “should” have turned out is a gnawing irritant, growing sometime to the point of pain.

It is such a relief to link dying to self and relinquishing expectations. My expectations of 2.5 kids, an almost paid off house, vacations with a loving, faithful husband, growing retirement account, a dog that never pees on the pristine white carpet are self-filled. Relinquishing these expectations is one of the most liberating and age-defying actions I have ever attemped.

Counselor Carl has said that “expectations are premeditated resentments.”  They are also anchors of a preoccupation with self. letting them go may get me closer to losing my life and finding my soul.

Luke 6:35

4 Responses

  1. Wonderful! I hadn’t made the connection between expectations and the self but this makes perfect sense. Thank you Helen. Great. Is it not the greatest sense of freedom?

    • It really is, Shirley…for me, it is similar, to clearing out clutter—when I first read this idea, it was a hand-slapping-head moment.
      thank you for your comment!
      helen :)

  2. […] Expectations are pre-meditated resentments. We schedule the DVR of our minds to record what we think/what we feel/what we want. These expectations become a way to control and preserve and guarantee what we label as important. The language of expectation may be directly blatant or subtly menacing: […]

  3. […] myself to pursue my own “Right Now” timing needs, my  ego often does the persuading  with dangling expectations  and a willingness to “fix” the broken pieces of my […]

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