What to do When Memories Hurt

Your pain has purpose. Nothing is random. Embrace it… Dive into it… Don’t run, attempt escape, hide from or ignore it. Be real with yourself… Not to wallow in it but so you can recognize the gift… Your power is in your pain. – Simran Singh
I cannot directly know your pain. But I know that sadness can be consuming. Memories…that’s what comes to mind…remember and cherish any happy memory.  If your memories hurt, then that means there are deep impressions left by another in your life. It is tough. Please be patient with yourself and look, for the blessings.
When wounds begin to heal, the protective skin comes together and sometimes it feels itchy and irritated. That is a good sign.
It is growth.
Sometimes memories are like that too. They pull together fragments of thoughts, shards of impressions. Sometimes they float in our consciousness slowly; sometimes they burst through like flood waters.

2 Responses

  1. I use to think healing was simple. However, as my own heart has been healing, I am realizing it is very complex. Sometimes, you think you are done and then you are thrust back into those emotions. It really is a process. The only thing I can think of is to be kind when I am going through one these memory spells.

    • Yes, Keishua~you are so right~be kind and gentle with yourself. And, for me it helps to keep breathing and repeating that God loves me unconditionally, better than I could ask or imagine.

      Thank you for your courage in sharing~~

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