Saturday Digest~August 27

This Saturday Digest calls on reflection, time to ponder, time to brew in your mind like a glass of sun tea in the waning hours of a late summer day.

Something to read slowly and then think about and re-read:

Catastrophizing is how we make our own soul-cages. That fear’s always the flee ahead. That he really could take one long, deep breath and just relax. Abide. Because it’s never about your capabilities. When you’re in covenant with Christ, it’s His responsibility to cover your cracks, to be all your competency and completeness. Inabilities, in Christ, are made all-sufficient, just-right abilities. Abandon worries — and wholly abide. Ann Voskamp


The Lord wanted me to NOT live by my emotions, feelings and circumstances, but by His power, His strength, walking in faith and trusting Him in all things. ~Charlene Steinkamp, Rejoice Marriage Ministries

Great Thoughts I saw on Our

~Unless we rely on God’s power within us, we will yield to the pressures around us.

~Teach us, Lord, to trust Your hidden hand, leading in ways we may not understand.

 My Favorite Pinterest Pin: this butterfly with little hearts:

Sip tea and Praise God!

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