This is the way; walk in it

Isaiah 30:21

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In Every Woman A Spark of Heavenly Fire


As Fall begins, what spark of heavenly fire are you nurturing?

Every Moment A Cathedral

Every Moment A Cathedral from becauseofgrace on Vimeo.

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Carrie Underwood/Vince Gil, How Great Thou Art

For this Fall: Little Slips of Letting Go

“But, a beautiful thing happens when you’re stripped bare in the loving presence of Jesus. He wraps His healing comfort around your heart and He does it by bringing out the truth of what’s happened.  He speaks the fear that you feel and says –I was there. I understand. I still love you.” Autumn Song, Faith Barista

Maybe that is the still, small voice that calls me to Be still and know. As Fall begins and I rake leaves, I wonder what old patterns, toxic thoughts, people, expectations, and beliefs I need to rake away and discard. What should go and what should rest?

What is no longer needed is shed with ease – no struggle.


In the Fall of 2009, I wrote down on tiny slips of paper the things, the people, the toxic thoughts I would relinquish.

I burned them and placed the ashes in the flower bed where, in the spring, I planted Lantanas. One Lantana stubbornly refused to be slayed by record winters and summers. It continued to bud that spring.

And it returned and budded again just last week.

Last fall, during a rainstorm, I tossed tiny slips of paper into the foamy waves at a Malibu beach.The waves brought the slip with one person’s name on it back to the shore. That night, the person from the slip sent a message to me.

Some people, places and things we think we need to let go, but Because of Grace they are washed and returned back to our shore.

Then, as now, my prayer is to have the courage of Falling apart in God’s arms through friends and loved ones.

What must you resist releasing? It is best not to release Hope, because hope often must wait in the dark caverns of winter for a rebirth in Spring. Hope and Good always necessitate long waiting.

What are you willing to dig deep and plant again?

What are you holding on to that you are willing to release, creating breathing room for expansion and growth?

Are there more questions than leaves already fallen?


A Prayer Prior to Letting Go:

God of Grace, please put the people and places in my life that you desire, and take out those you do not. Please guide me to know what to release, what to shed. Please show me, help me know in my spirit, if there are any “rights” I need to relinquish that may be hindering my freedom to experience Your love and grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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A Word from the Sponsor~September 25

Zech 4:10

Saturday Digest~September 24

~~A batch of bitterness left my heart that I had forgotten was there. It feels so good not to have bad feelings toward anybody. How did this happen? Gently click to this insightful post by Steve Simms called When Somebody’s Done You Wrong

~~Perhaps the most important thing we bring to another person is this  

~~Grace obligates us to obey Jesus, regardless of the circumstances or consequences. ~Jon Walker,  Serving Even When It Is Inconvenient

~~It seems that resting more and more in God’s love, brings longings to create. I really love this Decorative Clipboard Tutorial

~~Been reading and re-reading this poem by Abilgail Wurdeman called Whole. What caught my eye at first were the words about stomping and whining (me). What sustains my attention is the miracle that He has “infused” my life with His Spirit. Would you consider playing the video by Shaun Groves while you read and reread the poem?


Though I stomp and whine and moan

for my own idea of completion,

I see that You have already made me whole.

And so I praise you

for the body that sustains me

and the spirit that fills me,

for the friends that support me

and the family that guides me,

for the work that challenges me

and the play that thrills me,

for the knowledge that grounds me

and the faith that centers me.

You infuse my life with Your spirit.

Thank You for the kind of completion

only Your hands can design.

All’s Grace by Shaun Groves

All’s Grace from Shaun Groves on Vimeo.

Movie Review~Go to Utopia This Weekend

Isaiah 3021 sunset grass
Any movie that begins with this verse from Isaiah 30:21 sends a “good-I-will-get-what-I-paid -for” message.
Seven Days in Utopia” chronicles the story of a fictional golfer named Luke Chisholm, played by Lucas Black, who is a talented player training to play on the PGA Tour. After a televised meltdown in his first big tournament, Chisholm careens his car off the road in the small town of Utopia, Texas. He is stranded on the ranchland of eccentric rancher Johnny Crawford, played so well by Robert Duvall (is there any part except perhaps, Cinderella that this gifted actor cannot play?) Johnny Crawford is not what he appears and his no-nonsense approach to golf and life force Luke to look at his own life differently. There are allegories between the two father-figures, Johnny Crawford and Luke’s dad but they are subtle and allow the audience to interpret.

Although Chisholm and Crawford are fictional characters, the town of Utopia and the Utopia Golf Club are real, and the majority of the movie scenes were shot at the Texas-based nine-hole course and in the surrounding hill country. The movie is based on the book  “Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia” by David Cook, PhD (not the America Idol winner from a couple of seasons ago).

The slow and graceful way that life requires us to accept losses and marshal our endurance with fortitude is portrayed best through Director Matt Russell’s storytelling style. I am looking forward to seeing this movie again!

Movie Trailer
Links of Utopia

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