The Creativity Tending Giveaway Winner Is…

And the winner of the Be Gentle, Be Love eBook from Amanda Oaks at Kind Over Matter is……..


Keishua’s writes a delightful blog here

(Take a glance at Keishua’s Life List )

Here is what Keishua wrote about tending to her blossoming creativity:

There are so many ways to tend. Lately, I think I have been tending by just
allowing myself to create without an end product in mind. I love knitting,
journaling and praying. Sometimes, I think the first two are a form of prayer.

You all blessed me with your words and gave me ideas for this new month ahead.

Today I celebrate you (and my daughter, Amelia who walked me through my first blog give-away) and I nod in appreciation for you and your gifts.

And after considering CmJones’ words in her comment to, “hear and see my inner self that has been buried or given to others,” I decided to include myself in the Gratitude Cloud! :)

As this new month with new possibilities begins, may all of us remember to include ourselves!


Be Gentle, Be Love eBook

From this post on a walk in Balboa Park

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations Keshua! and Congrats on a very succesfully fun 1st giveaway Helen. What a blessing.

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