Saturday Digest~October 1

tired rooster

~~Even in our darkest moments, God is there. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. What are some ways we
can grab hold of that truth when trudging through the storms of life? From The Lord is Near the Broken-hearted 

~~Such an eye-opening idea for me in this post by Cindy Beall: There is Life After Adultery

~~Will you be a healing presence in the lives of those who do things you find abrasive, rude or just plain awful? One of the greatest
benefits we can give others is the benefit of the doubt. from Everyone is Doing the Best They Can

~~I visited a new blog this week, Patty Wysong’s blog “Finding the Extraordinary God in our Ordinary Lives.” The first post
I read referenced a favorite verse of mine, Zeph 3:17. Gently click here to see it too!

A Poem On Planting
Every day,
everywhere we go, we plant things into being. Our words create thoughts that
trigger emotions.

Our actions create reactions that create results.
Every day we put or take color into or out of those we encounter.
We have a choice, always to how we respond to those we come in contact with.

… Never let
anyone take color our of your life.

Always try to add color to others.

Who knows when you look back on the fields of your
life what beautiful things you will have planted. From Waves of Gratitude

~My favorite video this week, Before the Day by Newsong

(psst….listen for the cello in the background…then listen again!)

seen at Jennifer W. Patch’s blog

Enjoy this new month!

3 Responses

  1. Thanks Helen…and a special thanks for that poor old rooster…looks like me after yesterday!

  2. […] As the day began, a quiet video of remembering… (Scroll down)  on the page […]

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