Wholehearted Living Thursdays~October 13

For awhile, some Thursdays will provide a Because of Grace Wholehearted Living Story

“Make it about Him, not you. Enjoy every second. Choose joy.” Sara Frankl

 Sara Frankl lived her life Wholeheartedly.

 I began to learn from Sara by visiting her blog called “Gitizen Girl.” It is one of the links on the blogroll to the left. As Sara’s friend Shannon wrote, “This {blog} has always been one of honesty. Gitz is all about real. Even when there’s pain mixed in.”

“When I stopped dreaming I could run, I knew for sure my life had changed permanently. The disease I have is called Ankylosing Spondylitis …” Sara Frankl, Just A Part of the Whole

And it was for me too a place to be real. To feel every feeling and give every pain to the Lord. Sara was an example to me, although we never met. She introduced to the empathetic Counselor. I had believed in the mighty God, but it was Sara who introduced me to the Prince of Peace and Accepting Counselor.

As her friend, said in tribute, “Sara did everything full throttle, both feet in, filled with intention and limitless enthusiasm, shown by the sparkle in her eyes for what most interested those she loved. She told me that the most important gift you could ever give someone was your full and undivided attention. Sara got it. She knew that to live well meant to treasure moments and seem them as gifts. She chose joy. Not happiness, which is as flimsy as a shirt blowing on a line in the breeze, but true heart joy which sustains through obstacles, disease, death. She made the hard choices.



She chose community. Using her words to a build a life when her body failed her. She shared her faith boldly. She was real. Alive. Present in every moment. She made those around her and those who shared her world via her words desire to enjoy their days as she would have…

 No going back

No regrets.”


Sara Frankl died Saturday, September 24, 2011 with her mother and brother by her side. Sara was quite passionate about World Vision, Relay for Life, and St. Stephens Catholic Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

“So, we’ll walk together on this road, surrounding each other, lifting Sara and her family up, celebrating her life. We’ll do it for her, because she’s amazing. We’ll also remember that it’s okay for us to feel, to cry out, to lean on each other. She’s taught us that. Who knew that as she was posting on her grief she’d be giving us a guidebook to what our lives may look like just a year later? He did.” Sara’s Friend Shannon

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