Saturday Digest~October 15

Picture a hopeful, smiling little red heart, tattered but mending, the “sticky” from old bandaids still visible on a few scars from old wounds. “He healeth the broken in heart.” Psalms 147:3  From Chris Shea @ LifeSighs

Great point in The Butterfly’s Struggle:  the cocoon was intended to create the struggle necessary for the butterfly to fly.

A New Concept for me: Faithgazing When I focus on my own abilities and my circumstances, I easily get locked into fears of the bad that could happen. The stars of faith disappear right along with the city lights of fear and self-reliance. It’s times like these, we remember the art of faithgazing . From Bonnie in Faith Barrista

Question of the Week for me: Is it ok to confront another? “It is God’s plan to use each of us to speak His truth, His healing words, His comfort to a world that is spinning out of control.” By Jody Neufeld in this thoughtfully crafted post

After a particularly troubling night, I clicked over to the Faith Barrista blog and read the following, written, it seemed just for me: There’s no shame in feeling soul-weak when we find ourselves in the crossfires of life’s traffic. But, I don’t stop there. Start Focusing I tell myself to start focusing. Remember God’s benefits. Remember God’s goodness. Have a talk with Jesus. Really get into the details. And tell Him you really need Him. Perhaps you might minister to yourself and read the entire post?

A Stunning Movie, sent to me in email by my childhood friend, Donna:

Video of the Week by Skillet, One Day Too Late

a little louder than the usual videos posted here but so necessary to blast this message in to my head.


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