A Mid-Week Question to Consider~November 30

Can any of us, by worrying, add a single hour to our life?


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The Soil of His Grace

leading into the desert

Quote by Os Hillman

Monday Words for the Soul~Determination

A Word from the Sponsor~November 27

Hebrews 10: 23



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Saturday Digest~November 26

~There are a good many things in life that I simply can’t believe my way out of.
Faith is believing that God is good even when my life is anything but.

~The more present I become and clearer I get with what I love…
It’s hilarious how often we’re led to believe we should do something just because ten other people believe it’s a desirable goal. ~Belle Pirri in this encouraging post in Creative Spiritual Women

~I know this—the labyrinth of life has the ability to lock us up and throw away the key. It attempts this through varying degrees of heartache, dependency, tragedy and an endless array of distractions. I also know this—Christ is the key to topple this house of cards and expose the illusions this maze presents. by Michael Cartwright in The Inner Doors of Faith

…Anyone who remains in the teaching of Christ has a relationship with both the Father and the Son. 2 John 9

~~~Revolving back to Enoikeo…Remaining…Abiding…Standing

Video of the Week: Stand, by Rascal Flatts

The Day After Thanksgiving

I i am thankful forhope Thanksgiving gave you big bear-hugs and  pleasant memories.

And if there are a few bitter memories, my wish is that you will toss them out along with the turkey carcass.

And I wonder, this Day After,  What if  we embrace gratefulness beyond tokens of thanksgiving, dutiful gratitude journals, and a few hastily written thank you notes?

What if we Remain Thankful?

remain thankful

What if gratitude became as natural as speaking?

Gratitude is a language you speak with your hands, the way you form the vowels and spaces of your life and we could all learn it together. ~Ann Voskamp

How to I begin to speak the language of gratitude?

For me, perhaps it is by allowing myself to Remain. By easing up pace just a bit so I can mindfully notice the miracles, and loiter, and dwell in them. And then sharing those miracles in community.

The key to a thankful heart is focusing more on what God HAS DONE for you rather than on what you need. ~Rick Warren.

I want to Remain Thankful and continue the process of Thanksgiving so the language of gratitude becomes my default setting.

thankful tree

Write items you are grateful for on tags or leaves, then add to tree.

This Weekend: Easy Weekend Activity: Let God Clean

God is determined to continue to clean, polish, and shape me until I reflect the brilliance of His image.

God is determined

Psalms 41:4; Jeremiah 14:7; Ezekiel 16:1-6; Daniel 9:4-19; Micah 7:9; Matthew 9:10-13;Luke 18:9-14; Romans 5:6-8; 1 Timothy 1:15-16; James 4:7-10

Other Weekend Activities

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