Saturday Digest~November 12

**Please continue to honor our Heroes, Our Veterans:

~~What would change if you knew to your core that everything ~~ every little thing ~belongs? Such an insightful post by Kristin Noelle

~~From Amy Palko~Everytime Amy writes, I find myself nodding and welcoming tears of relief.

This is for you, dear one, for when you feel rejected, unappreciated, unseen. For all those times, when you feel like your light has been overlooked, your specialness unacknowledged, your worth ignored. These words are here to remind you, my sweet, are luminous, cherished, and, yes, loved~loved beyond all measure.
Shine, baby girl. Shine!
For too long now you’ve been content to live in the shadows sitting in the back row, blending into the background, believing that this was where you belonged. But you were meant for so much more.
Your voice which you keep so small and contained, barely breaking above a whisper, was made for singing arias so sweet that the hearts of all those listening cast off their armour and melt into the loveliness of you. It was made for speaking out when others were too meek. It was made, my darling, for howling at the moon.

~~Reinforcing my current focus word, Enoikeo/Dwell, is this great post from Big, Sparkly Life:

Hold still in your loving. When the world feels a little topsy turvy…when the ground is shaking…when chaos is reigning…hold still.

Find the quiet voice of you that resides with. It is there. Breathing. Loving. Intoning messages of truth.

It is calm. It is centered. It is whole. You won’t find it rebelling. Or reacting. It will be holding a space for you to enter. There is not formal invitation…no lights flashing to show you the way. Simply an open door into a palace of sweetness and love.

Finding it is as simple as a breath…and holding the trust that you know who you are. Listen for the space. Feel for the quiet pulse of loving. Subtle as it may be, it is there….

~~Video of the Week: Free Hugs! contributed by Sue G. Thanks, Sue!

Sending you hugs…Because of Grace

4 Responses

  1. Lovely collection, Helen. There is room for everything. I admire both Kristin and Amy, love to read their blogs.

  2. So lovely and inspiring.

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