December 16, 1987

‎Twenty-four years ago today, I sat outside Sharp Hospital in San Diego and said, “I ain’t goin’ in there!”

But Amelia had other ideas—-I had convinced myself it must be false labor because I still had two weeks to go until my due date and I had just cashed my pay check and was looking forward to a day(s) at the spa with my mom and sister.

But Amelia was insistent…she pushed me literally out of my comfort zone and she gave me the courage to be strong and go inside and deliver her! Because of Grace, I did not know then that she was frank breach and ready for the world.

Even today, she still gives me courage and love!

Happy Birthday to my girl, Amelia!



2 Responses

  1. Very nice tribute to your daughter. It was my good fortune to have a boy and a girl and I am so blessed. I know they each bring such great values to my life…I am the richest woman in the world because of them.

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