Because of Grace Moments

repeating the names of God

names of God

Another remembrance, small enough to carry or include in a journal.


A good book on the Names of God 


Another Because of Grace Moment

Words for the Soul~January 30

you are more

“You see, you are more than the boat navigating stormy waters. You are also the ocean and the storm. You get to create from that space — that power is yours. You get to choose whether you will work with that power, or give it away to the events unfolding around you.” ~Daniel Collinsworth
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Other Words for the Soul

A Word from The Sponsor~January 29

1 Timothy 1:14



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Saturday Digest~January 28

~The longer we spend dwelling in doubts, the more powerful that story becomes, and we lose our power to change. ~Belle Pirri in this interview at Purposeful Women. This article also includes Belle’s How to Set Yourself Up to Make Choices You Love

~In all things there is the possibility of learning to trust…love the artwork and the message in this post

~Some who wander on the Internet are not lost, they are nourished! Wandered happily at this website

~Today and Always, please remember…You are a masterpiece. In the God Gallery, you are the only one of you.

~Is anyone else as jazzed as I am every time David Arms writes, creates, or expresses his ideas out loud? In this post he wrote, “I think it’s important to live this life looking from many perspectives. It’s important to observe from many angles. It’s important to see what others see. It’s how we learn, how we expand – even if we end up liking our own view better. And sometimes there is no ‘better’. It’s simply two different views.”

~I want them but…Sometimes there are no “You Are Here” indicators in life, but sometimes we knock on a door of opportunity but remain outside. We do not move through the door and enter

Video of the Week:

Somethings Gotta Change by Josh Wilson

“‘The more of us we swallow, the more we become hollow until we don’t know how to feel’. That line is so true. The more that we try to please ourselves and our sinful desires, the farther away from God we’ll be, and the more empty we will feel. Only God can fill that empty space inside of each of us. Oh God, forgive me for my pride.” ~Josh Wilson



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Mid-Week Question~January 25

What if our default response was always grace?
What would that look like?

default response grace

{a slightly smaller, reminder size, perhaps to clip and carry?}

A post by Jennifer to read and consider… When Women Hurt Women

Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering; bearing with one another, and forgiving one another…
Colossians 3:12-13


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Words for the Soul~January 23

Please Remember…

you are loved

Please Remember

Love Will Win


“There is a “Hound of Heaven” hunting us down…this Spirit that is stalking us with love, winking at us with miracles, tickling us with grace, subverting everything that could destroy us, and whispering in our ears that we are truly beloved.” ~Shane Claiborne

Other Words for the Soul

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