Saturday Digest~January 7

First Digest of the New Year

Feeling a little wobbly with resolutions and new habits? Glance at How To Create Habits that Stick, recommended  by my friend Garrett at We Love Gratitude

Reaching back to 2011 for these great posts:

~Peace is a choice

~God wants us to surrender our longings and desires to Him

~Against my hopes for you, your New Year may already contain pain from broken trust. This post from Tracee Persiko will comfort the pain.

Trust is a risk that requires surrendering our own understandings.

If you are struggling to trust in God I urge you to let go of your desires and focus your whole attention on Him because holding on to your longings will only bring you pain and despair. Holding tighter to our desires than we hold to Him will being us no where in life. We MUST let go and fully trust in His process for our lives.

The truth about trust issues is not because of the other person, although that is a factor, but the deeper reason for trust issues is that we are unsure of ourselves. Our fears cause us to undermine and discredit the people in our lives. Failure is the inevitable result.

I have trust issues. They are the thorns in my side. Trust is so hard for me. I am learning that the reason I have trust issues is because I have self-perception issues. The reason I think that people are going to abuse my trust is because deep down I think I am worth the abuse.

To be honest, the more intimate a relationship gets for me the more I play defense with my heart. The more intimate a relationship the more I tend to play out the potential pain in my head. This creates tension and hurt in my relationships.

My trust issues set up failure in a lot of ways. Somewhere in me is the voice that says, “You are worth leaving. You are replaceable. You are not worth your value. You are worth hurt.”

Most conflicts related to trust begins with our own self-perception.

Tracee writes, “I am so thankful for a God who is patient, gentle, and unconditionally loving. He makes all things new in me.”

Because of Grace, so am I!

Video of the Week
Brandon Heath, Trust You





4 Responses

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this. Humbled and grateful. Hope this New Year has started out wonderful for you!

  2. Love those words from my girl, Tracee. So powerful. So poignant. So dang challenging for this anti-trust heart of mine.

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