Leaping into the wrong net


my fragile attempt at drawing

I don’t remember the first landing. Or any pain. I just remember the feeling of flight.

Real Glee….before the show when the word was a noun.

 Leap and the Net will appear.
The net was always there.

The sandbox. On the Earth He Created.

But…It was not enough.  I wanted more. I wanted Quality Control. The landing was too
tough, too scary. I wanted Quality Improvement. Measurable performance
expectations. I wanted to build my own Net.

Yes…And…Despite ambitious planning and agreements and strategies and vows,  I was
never able to successfully leap and safely land into another net-another’s arms.
Something in the physics no doubt confirmed that a flying object crashing into a
stationary object resulted in s scrambled-egg predicament of bodies in a mess on the
sand. The disciples had to drop their nets too.

leap definition

Leap and the Net will appear.

Perhaps i looked for an inadequate net.
Perhaps i needed to drop the nets that were not, are not from Him

The Net was always there. His Net of Grace is Always Here.

Yet I am always with you;   
you hold me by my right hand.
Psalm 73:23

I wonder…is it just me? Have you ever held on to the wrong net?


Happy Leap Day (Available February 29)
Leap Bible Verse
Leap Word for the Soul
Easy Weekend Activity-LEAP!



Easy Weekend Activity-LEAP!



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  3. Perhaps when we were children most of us were good friends with mystery. The world was full of it and we loved it. Then we grew older and accepted that mystery needed to be solved. Mystery became a weakness and an adversary. With Gods grace we start to make a reversal and start the process of becoming as little children again. Making friends with mystery again and falling in love with it and in this love finding freedom to be who we really are. The liberating Leap and we are freed and the fullness of grace without a clue of how this happend and how we landed on our feet. Radically trusting Gods abiding goodness. I am Leaping into his everlasting arms that support me.

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