This Weekend~Easy Weekend Activity~Pat Yourself on the Back!

Pat Yourself on the Back!

Pat Yourself on the Back for giving the world the greatest gift~~~You!

puppy pat

Print/Project and slowly step backwards so the puppy can pat you on the back

You are doing far more that is right and beneficial than not. {Our minds just have a dastardly way of reminding us abuot negatives, ad nauseum ’till we risk believing}

Don’t believe in your bad-ness, believe in your BIG-ness!
Pat yourself on the back right now! {do it, i’ll wait}

I mean it. Your webcam is on and I can see. Raise your right hand and move it over to your left shoulder, now reach back.

You are wonderfully made by a Gracious God. And your greatest battles, greatest fears, greatest struggles can become your greatest victory and encouragement to others. Starting with yourself.

pat yourself on the back

Now, spread your joy.
“Joy is God’s pat on the back in doing something worthwhile for others” ~Pam Chun

Quietly find a way to be  God’s pat on the back to someone else today, too.

Stained glass picture scanned from postcard
Puppy Picture found at Puppies Den and here

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