A Word from The Sponsor~March 4

1 Peter 3:9 designed by Teague

Never retailiate when people say unkind things about you.
Pay them back with a blessing… 1 Peter 3:9


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3 Responses

  1. We’re of like minds today – as usual! This was part of the message that I shared at Agape in Rapid City today! Finding new ways to deal with our emotions in response to “difficult” people or situations.

    Finding a way to create Joy in oneself, or happiness in the face of challenges…or just releasing it in one way or another.

    Or perhaps just going into the silence (saying nothing/doing nothing) and LISTENING for guidance! Woo Hoo!

    We human beings always seem to think that we must respond immediately, or respond at all! I believe that sometimes we can say much more with our silence than we can our words.

    And I’ve also learned that people can always forgive words said in the heat of the moment…yet forgetting that they were said at all can be much more challenging.

    As Rev. Michael Beckwith said in his message last week: “Bless and Multiply – Bless and Multiply! B. A. M. !” :-)

  2. “we can say much more with our silence than we can our
    words”…very true, Jacqui! My breath caught when I read that you also spoke about this today. I feel blanketed by our shared focus today.

    You are so wise to recommend slow restraint. My friend Mary (also a reader here) advises waiting to respond and, when i have taken her advice, i am rarely disappointed.


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