Read this only if you are thin-skinned

This post is for anyone with thin-skin.

Please Read this post only if you have thin-skin. If you feel deeply the unkind words and actions of others…if you have received criticism through angry words, callous actions, insidious gossip, careless jokes, please continue reading.

Disclaimer: This post is written by someone with thin-skin. It is for those with thin-skin.

If you are a thick-skinned, “take no prisoners”, kick-fanny-and-take-names kinda person, kindly click away. There is exciting content just for you on other pages and blogs.

Ok…are we alone now? <Looking over shoulder>.

Here is something i want you to know when you are in the midst of another’s criticism storm…

You are not alone. I want to wrap you in a hoodie of grace to weather criticism’s storm.
As you feel the insulation of this hoodie I want you to feel insulated in His love.

And here is something else i am learning as well…

Critical lotsa i's no u by teague

~Some advocate running away from criticizers. But, running away leaves the possibility for being caught.
~Some advocate arguing with the accuser. But when pots and kettles clang and clamor, then peace is lost. We are unmatched in the meanness arena.
~Some advocate envisioning a wall of protection, but what is walled-in and contained is difficult to share. And those who accuse and criticize are swirling in a poison chaos. They need what you have to share. Desperately. But from a distance, perhaps.

Every criticism, judgment, diagnosis, and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmet need. ~Marshall Rosenberg

I saw this quote from Marshall Rosenberg at Amanda Oaks’ kindness portal  and it zipped the hoodie of grace snugly around me.

blue snowy skyWhen in the storm of criticizing, i learned to count

and Because of Grace
The tally of letter i’s grew.
And there was absolutely no u’s to view.
It is about them and not you.
Or me.
Does it help to know you are not alone?
Does this help at all to heal from the pain?


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