This Weekend~Easy Weekend Activity I~Be Your Own Blarney Stone!!

This Weekend: Be Your Own Blarney Stone!

Blarney stone craftLegend says that anyone who kisses the Blarney Stone of Ireland will be blessed with eloquent words of flattery. Old tales  further hint that the original Blarney Stone was taken from Blarney Castle and traveled to Scotland.

Or did it?  There is a stone fragment on display at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas claiming to be part of the original Blarney Stone. Perhaps it migrated and traveled to you! You never know!

Or perhaps you embody the Blarney Stone’s good cheer. Be your own Blarney Stone this weekend!

Blow a kiss to yourself! Take a little time this weekend to wear some green and say some flatteringly eloquent words to yourself. Perhaps eat some Blarney Stone cookies, or chocolate kisses, or even Lucky Charms cereal. You are your own best leprechaun   


kissonablarneystoneClick here for a Recipe for Blarney Stone-KISSed Cookies




Blarney Stone Picture Link


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