Passion Week~In the Time of What Was

This week has been a wreck for me. The tears keep coming. I am in panic. And then I read from my journal during Passion Week, 2011, and I read similar feelings. I calmed down with the memory and assurance that Because of Grace, He is strong when I am weak.

Passion Week, (from 2011):
And my trusted friend reminded me. “It is Passion Week”, he said. The last holiday spent together in my “what was” of memories was Easter of last year. Maybe last Easter was the last holiday before your diagnosis. Or before your loss. Or before your pain. In the time of “what was.”

His Sacrifice Still Is.

There is beauty in His sacrifice. You may say you do not understand it and to that I reply, “Good for you!” Because if understanding distances you from the Beauty of Passion Week and His unselfishness and in any way allows you to maintain controlled manageability, I would not want that for you.


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