a Grace Scavenger Hunt

Go on a Grace Scavenger Hunt…What can you find? What can you leave?

Last week, I considered moving a blog and a dog.

I found grace in the calls of a friend who stayed with me during all of the panel interviews. Whose reassurances reminded me that listening to my inner voice cautions was the correct path “to heed”

Last week, I saw the Grace of a river that flows North, against the usual flow.
Toured a house for lease because of divorce… Another for lease because of a move for an autistic child.

Amid the unusual currents and broken dreams, I needed to remember:

There is a little secret something so amazing, so miraculous and so wonderful…
The secret is that there is nothing that others can do to really hurt us from the outside when we do not allow our own thoughts to hurt us on the inside. Once we take care of what is going on inside of our minds and our hearts and our souls, anything that tries to come at us from the outside simply can have no influence on our life.
Brave Girls’ Club

Amid the unusual currents and broken dreams, I wanted to leave a note: You are Loved

The graffiti can be grace.
What seems a defacement may be a glimpse of His face. ~Ann Voskamp

I left a note in the motel room I left; another in the Budget rental, and the airplane seat pocket in front of me.
There are pictures to commememorate this on the fancy phone. When I learn how to download I will post.

There are many lessons to download this week.

Chief of them: Because of Grace it is ok to look for more than “a job”

Grace is the “dialect of God is the day just as it comes — the divine language of love written on all the walls.

Grace always shocks.

Grace always stuns.

Grace is always what we need.

It’s what everyone groping around lost in the dark has to know: turn towards Grace and you turn on all the lights. ~Ann Voskamp


Go on a Grace Scavenger Hunt…What can you find? What can you leave?

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  1. Beautiful! Amen..

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