Whole-Hearted Living Thursdays~May 3~Inspiring Women

For awhile now, some Thursdays will provide a Because of Grace Wholehearted Living Stories:

Always keep learningI was delighted to see a digital anthology of Wholehearted Living stories carefully collected and archived at my friend, Garrett’s blog, Quit Taking It Personally   (which is also an awesome life affirmation too).

Click over to Quit Taking It Personally  and read about Rachel’s Daily Pep Talk from a Best Friend, Maria and her commitment to teach encourage girls to pursue math and science, Joanne’s change in perspective and several more inspiring stories. Real people living real, awareness-filled stories…just like you! Read these stories: they are short but packed with inspiration.

Your comments and thoughts always welcome~!

And a digital P.S.: I am very interested in your 10 Books to Pack for a Move from yesterday’s post


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