This Weekend~Easy Weekend Activity~Sleep

for He grants sleep to those He loves. ~Psalm 127:2*
The granting of sleep is the invitation.


Take advantage of the invitation this weekend, and sleep, at least for a little bit.

polarbears a-mom_and baby-sleeping

Need proof? Ok…

The next time youre wrestling with an issue, take a nap. A UC-Berkeley study determined that REM stage sleep helps put problems and emotions into perspective. Brain scans revealed that people who slept between viewings of disturbing images were less upset than those who stayed awake.

“During slumber, memories are processed while stress neurochemicals are suppressed, which helps remove the sharp edges from emotional experiences,” explains the study’s lead author.  Plump up your pillow and click here to read more.

cutepuppies sleeping-1

“The dream stage of sleep, based on its unique neurochemical composition, provides us with a form of overnight therapy, a soothing balm that removes the sharp edges from the prior day’s emotional experiences,” said Co-author Professor Matthew Walker. Snuggle under the covers and click here to read more.

roobee sleeping

“Roobee” Photo by Helen Teague

or just breathe deeply, exhaling more slowly than inhaling and sleep.  :)

Picture Sources:
Polar Bears

*(Please avoid the place of “well, i  can’t sleep so God doesn’t love me.” It’s just not true, you know.

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the reminder…it’s nap time!

  2. I have to have my 8 hours of sleep. God loves me so much. I have always thought sleep was a time of healing. Thanks

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