Color Poems~special night posting

There are a bunch of windows open on my taskbar. Kind of a cafeteria-style approach day where I am trying to sift, decipher, learn, respond, and create all at once.

Perhaps it’s best to think less and pray more, as friend Carl urges. Especially after reading this post by Rick Hanson, in the window that’s currently open.

…Our ancestors probably experienced more physical but less mental fatigue than most people today in the developed nations. Consequently, our bodies are adapted to weariness – but our minds are not. For a brief time – finals week, an intense month at work, a demanding year with a new baby – OK, sometimes we just have to crank the mind up into overdrive and tough it out. But as a way of life, it’s nuts.

We have to take a stand against the crazy mental busyness that has become the new normal. We’re bombarded with things to think about all day long, flooded with words and images to process, and forced to juggle unprecedented complexities. Our minds are being hauled along behind a culture without a speed limit – but the human body and brain does have a limit, a natural carrying capacity, and when we exceed it there’s always a price. It’s like being trapped in rush hour your whole life. Each time you know this, each time you pull out of the mental traffic, it’s an act of freedom and kindness and wisdom. ~Rick Hanson

There are a bunch of windows open on my taskbar. One is a Pinterest picture of a favorite color of mine: Carnelian—take a click and look at the deep color  I have always had this color around, in varying intensities. It is the pendant stone of my favorite necklace made by friend Vicente.

Another open window contains a happy post by Jennifer called “This is the Day the Lord Has Made” over at Getting Down with Jesus

Jennifer wrote about her daughter’s experience writing a poem. And when she included the poem-writing website, I was hooked. There are so many great poems within her website comments and word pictures. I mean really. My favorite poem is Cerulean Green (scroll down in the comments and you’ll see).

What a fun vacation this last hour has been! Reading/Exhaling/Nodding/Smiling/Nodding some more

Might you also take a little vacation, think less, pray more and create a little color poem? Here is the website to create the poem:
Here is mine:   <blush>

deep sunset
the textured wallpaper of my room in high school
my favorite pendant, long and smooth, and slightly cool to touch
Dried Apricots
Hot Tamales
Applewood Smoked bacon
velvety protective cushions
hugs that envelope and sustain
glowingly radiating lampshade, forty years old
Restores vitality, gives courage, helps in trusting myself

Would you share your poem here?


2 Responses

  1. This blessed me. Our achievement culture is at the core of our self-destructive thinking. I’m excited to try the poetry exercise. Thanks so much for sharing your heart.

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