Mid-Week Question of the Week~Habits

which causes more harm than good

Photo by Helen Teague

Which of your practices and habits cause you more harm than good?
Which need a grace-filled sweep of His Love?

For me the answer would have to be fear. Fear of confrontation and interestingly, the fear of the fear of confrontation. The dread of the possibility of being unfairly accused, confronted, and blame.
“You know your fear is not from God,” my friend David assured me as I drove with shaky hands to a funeral of a dear soul. There was the possibility of voices from the past, all too eager to believe unfair accusations.

And in the fear, in the possibility of fear was His Grace.

“Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world,” David reminded me.

And in accepting this fact, in welcoming my fear as a vehicle for His grace to be revealed, my soul quieted.
And so did the voices, of the accusers. The accusers were primarily of my own making, in my own head. 

And hugs replaced fears. They far out-numbered the couple of people who tried to feed my fears.
Because of Grace, a soul named Wanna, who was honored at her funeral  trumped the frowns of fear.

And I sang silently an old hymn she loved, “Sweet Hour of Prayer.”

7 Responses

  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Every time we go up against fear, we learn new skills.

  2. wonderful outcome…thank you Lord for loving us so much – You always provide! ….thank you Helen for sharing your journey in a mamner that blesses others!!! (hugs)

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  4. Oh, how sweet it is to read these words: “And in accepting this fact, in welcoming my fear as a vehicle for His grace to be revealed, my soul quieted.”

    I simply LOVE these reminders of how God’s Grace is revealed through ALL situations and/or experiences! (And that it is our subjective interpretation that calls these experiences either “good” or “bad”!)

    I believe that sometimes the experience is neither good nor bad… sometimes, it just IS…Sometimes, it’s just another OPPORTUNITY to ALLOW whatever the feeling is that comes up to BE that vehicle for His Grace to be REVEALED! And from this “IS-ness”…such wonderful gifts are received!

    AttaGirl to YOU, My Dear One! AttaGirl! :-)

    • Hey Bright Jacqui~I LOVE what Joyce Meyer says, “do it afraid”. Who says that some of our fears have to be labeled “bad” and “avoid at all costs”. Except in matters of personal safety, we can feel the fear and do it anyway! Thanks for your reinforcement!

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