Mid-Week Question~Nourish

A brand new month gives the occasion to ask a new question:

How Can You Nourish Your Soul Today?

How Can You Nourish Your Soul Today

You add so much beauty to the world in the world around you.

Please consider the replenishment that you and I need.
We are in the triple-digit days of heat here and I am mindful of how sadly the herbs in the front yard droop just one day in the heat.
I am amazed at how quickly they respond to the nourishment of the water I pour on them.

Our souls respond just as quickly.
Souls are nourished on truths of faith. ~1 Timothy 4:4-6

How can you nourish your soul today?
Perhaps reading this post  or this post will provide ideas.


The answer’s simple:  Live right,  speak the truth,  despise exploitation,  refuse bribes,  reject violence,  avoid evil amusements.  This is how you raise your standard of living!  A safe and stable way to live.  A nourishing, satisfying way to live. ~Isaiah 33:15- the message

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