Wholehearted Living Thursdays~August 2

For awhile, some Thursdays will provide a Because of Grace Wholehearted Living Story

Here is an article spotlighting seven brief profiles of Team USA world-class athletes to share with your kids and youth group. All represent the United States and are great examples whether or not they win a gold, silver, or bronze medal from the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Tervel Dlagnev, Arlington, Texas was influenced by Christian teammates on his high school and college wrestling teams
Maya Moore, signs her autographs with  Colossians 3:23
Reid Priddy, men’s volleyball said “the Bible is the most powerful book I’ve ever read in my life.”
Paige McPherson, aka McFierce, South Dakota-“I have trust in the Lord that whatever happens, happens”
Ryan Hall, See also The New York Times profile called “A Runner’s Belief: God Is His Coach.”
Lolo Jones, Women’s 100-meter Hurdles-“when I’m standing in a stadium packed with 80,000 screaming fans, I can’t just whip out my Bible before I run. That’s when I start praying!”
Hunter Kemper, running triathlons since he was 10 years-old said, “It felt so good, it felt so good for me just to realize that there’s something bigger that I need to be focusing on.”
Click here to read the entire article.

See also “Faithful champions: Olympic greats from the past who have put their trust in Christ,” by J.C. Derrick


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