This Weekend~Easy Weekend Activity~Stop Watering the Weeds

stop watering the weeds

Just wondering…while getting ready for a challenge…

is getting offended another way to water the weeds?
is it best to move on and “accept the things I cannot change?”

I’ve been told even more frequently lately to “take care of yourself”

is taking care of myself (and you taking care of yourself) a way to water the flowers?

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2 Responses

  1. Watering the garden of my soul. The fragrance of self care will enrich my life. I notice the sweet water of Gods grace flowing to the roots of my heart. Gods light I let in, shines inside and the petals of the flower opens. As I am still, as I watch the grace of God in time lapse fashion work in my garden. I must take care of the gift, the attention to my garden, the self care. For God loves me and I must love myself too. When I do this my garden is plentyful and I smell the aroma of Christ . This is the essential oil, so I press inward and take care of my delicate flowers.

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