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Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying. ~ Romans 12:12


Encouragement for continual praying is also given in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Seems to be a theme!


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This Weekend~Avoid Herring Gulls

Please read this slowly.

Herring gulls look like common seagulls, but upon close inspection, they are the only fashion-conscious gulls sporting pink legs and black wing-tips with white spots. They also have a slightly hooked bill with bold red tip. It is best to avoid them because of their diffidence.

Herring gulls have two conflicting desires:
1. a drive to remove all red objects from their nest.
2. a drive to retrieve any egg that rolls away from their nest.

When confronted with a red egg in her nest, a returning herring gull will push it out, then roll it back in, then push it out again, only to retrieve it once more.

It is probably just herring gulls that struggle with competing gulls um, desires.
ARKive video - Herring gull with stolen egg


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Mid-week Question~Why Not You?

Why Not You?

why not you?


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You do not see things as they are; you see them as you are. ~Michael Michalko

We assign meaning to experiences by the way we choose to interpret them. And this is tricky because our perceptions are often not accurate.

I assigned meaning, calling something great, good, scary or awful, often by where I am attached. But God….But God always has a plan for His servants that we may not know about. I need to ask God to give me His perception of the situation, not my own.

Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves
me. All day long I put my hope in you.
~ Psalm 25:5

Michalko offeres and example from IBM and Thomas Edison. IBM’s research and development department observed that no one in the world used a personal computer. They interpreted this to mean there was no market and shared this viewpoint with upper management. At the same time, college dropouts, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, looked at the same absence of personal computers and saw a massive opportunity. IBM never gained a significant market share in personal computers.

Once Thomas Edison was approached by his assistant while he worked on perfecting the filament portion for the light bulb. Edison’s assistant asked why he didn’t give up on the arduous process. “After all,” the assistant said, “you have failed 5000 times.” Edison looked at him and questioned what the assistant meant by failure. Approaching the filament dilemma, Edison said, “I have discovered 5000 things that don’t work.”

For me, the equation becomes: R=IE2–> Reality equals interpretation from past experiences squared.

Often, I construct our own reality by how I choose to interpret my experiences. If there have been a string of bad, untrustworthy experiences, my lens will reflect that. If there have been a string of trusting, kind experiences, my lens will reflect that.

Michalko advises, “Approach a problem on its own terms. Do not trust your first perspective of a problem as it will be too biased toward your usual way of thinking. Always look at your problem from multiple perspectives.” Gently click here to read more of Michalko’s ideas.

Lately, I ‘ve been a tarbaby stuck in rejection’s grip, the result of too many untrustworthy people who use(d) blame as a weapon.
Until I am grouded in knowing, really knowing God’s love and acceptance of me, I tend to look at challenges as problems with a hidden rejection lens. I see rejection where it may not be. This is where gratitude and a cadre of friends who love God and want His best for me keeps me surrounded by the truth until I am strong enough to see it from Him first. I continue to ask God to show me clearly His perception of events in my life so I don’t lean on my understanding.

It’s so important to
surround yourself with the right kinds of people when you

are striving to live a meaningful life. We can not always choose whom we walk
with on our paths in life, but whenever we can, it makes everything easier, more
joyful, and so much more productive when we choose to spend our days with people
who bring out the best in us, see the best in us, and believe the best about us.

Seek out the kinds of people who make you want to become a better person,
the kinds of people who are focusing on positive and good things in life.
From the Brave Girls’ Club


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A Word from The Sponsor~September 23

Numbers 6:24

And, perhaps there is time to click to this pictorial representation of Psalm 23 from Know My Worth’s blog

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This Weekend~Nap

Brooks & Lack (2005) compared 5, 10, 20 and 30 minute naps to find the best length. For increased cognitive performance, vigour and wakefulness,  the best naps were 10 minutes long. Benefits were seen immediately after 10 minute naps but after longer naps it took longer to wake up. Five minute  naps only provided half the benefit, but were better than nothing. (information read at this post)

ruby sleeping


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