Happy Labor Day

The first Monday of September we celebrate Labor Day.  A day to recognize our American workers’, who keep the nation’s economic train on it’s tracks.  Although, we are all aware this Labor Day our nation has record unemployment and economic uncertainty.
As we gather with family and friends to enjoy this holiday – which may include baseball, picnics, beach or a pool party – lets remember those family members, friends and Americans struggling.

Lastly, of course, many Americans’, who are in the armed forces serving overseas, will be without their families this holiday.  Take a moment and give thanks to the men and women in uniform.  The Americans in uniform and our civilians overseas do ensure our freedom to enjoy this holiday in this great nation of ours.
 Happy Labor Day.
~written by Jim McShane
And I would gently add, take a moment to remember so many folks who are not currently part of the labor force, but would like to be and are looking for jobs.  :)

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