Mid-Week Question of the Week~Not Turn Away

When was the last time you did not Turn Away?
not turn away from fear.
not turn away from boredom.
not turn away from grief.
not turn away from joy, or pain, or pride, or jealousy, or inspiration, or from any of life’s most perplexing questions.
To not turn away from anything.
Which is really what most of us do, right? Turn away? We’re hard-wired to avoid the uncomfortable, and all the more so when we’ve collected layer upon layer, year upon year, of rough experiences around so many things: around relationships, around intimacy itself, around parenting or being parented, around work, around money, around spiritual pursuits and the communities that gather around them.
So many of these things are so charged with pain or awkwardness that most of us live daily with blinders up. We shade our eyes and hearts from looking directly at them. We establish elaborate disengagement rituals, which usually involve some form of screen time, some form of food or drink, some form of people-distraction, and the creation of urgency around anything BUT the things – those potent teachers – we wish to avoid. ~Kristin Noelle

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