Remembering 9-11

candle and ribbon commemorative symbol

What are your memories of that day?

I was in the classroom, teaching computer applications.
We always started the day with a  free -form time I called “yuck-it-up” …
a colleague from down the hall came running into my room and announced what had happened.
Since we live in a town with an air force base, many, many of my students wanted
to get their parents on the phone right away…
they knew they would be deployed as a result of the attacks.So many of our students lived on or near the air force base.
Many knew their dads and moms would be deployed immediately.

Every student in my class sat at a computer…they immediately began to view the event online.
Several people were unsure of my decision to “allow” them access to the horrible truth,
considering their age
and the immediate impact on their lives
I did not/still do not see how I could keep them from it.

Our high school scheduled Open House for that night.
It was cancelled
as was so much that was “open” before 9-11

Today, 3 1/2 hours are needed to read the names of those who were victims and heroes on that day.

John Ashcroft’s words on that day still resound:

Freedom Is A Survivor

Would love for you to leave a comment with  your memories of that day

For Classroom  and Family activities for remembering 9-11, gently click here

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If there is time for reading…

When the monsters reached out by Billy Coffey

We Will Never Forget…A Letter to My Sons by Melanie Moore


2 Responses

  1. I, too, was in a classroom with high school students when the word came of the terrible tragedy on 9-11. What I remember most vividly for the rest of the day is the unnatural silence throughout the building. Everyone of every age seemed aware that the innocence of the whole country had been shattered.

    • yes, Jerilynn…thanks to your comment I am remembering the silence today…like a child who wants to be very good in response to stress on his parents. thank you for the poignant word picture…

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