This Weekend~Avoid Herring Gulls

Please read this slowly.

Herring gulls look like common seagulls, but upon close inspection, they are the only fashion-conscious gulls sporting pink legs and black wing-tips with white spots. They also have a slightly hooked bill with bold red tip. It is best to avoid them because of their diffidence.

Herring gulls have two conflicting desires:
1. a drive to remove all red objects from their nest.
2. a drive to retrieve any egg that rolls away from their nest.

When confronted with a red egg in her nest, a returning herring gull will push it out, then roll it back in, then push it out again, only to retrieve it once more.

It is probably just herring gulls that struggle with competing gulls um, desires.
ARKive video - Herring gull with stolen egg


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